Application is coming !

I have had some time to develop the application on Android as I still haven’t received the PCBs (it was the Chinese new year and I order everything in China so there is some delay at this time of the year).

Here is what I have done :

  • Read remote file from XML
  • Connect to device (bluetooth)
  • Send IR codes
  • Left slider to switch between remotes
  • Drag and drop view to customize your remote
  • Notification when device is found

Screenshot_2015-03-04-20-28-59         Screenshot_2015-03-04-20-28-52

NOTIF1        notif0

The next big steps are :

  • Save remote as XML
  • Create a new remote
  • Record IR codes
  • Link device to a set of remote

And some features for the future :

  • Macros across multiple remote
  • Download new remotes from online server
  • Share your remote
  • and so much more !

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