Class in a Case : Assemblage des ordinateurs

Class in a Case est un projet lancé par PC2, visant à fabriquer des micro ordinateurs portables, consommant peut d’énergie, qu’on peut facilement transporter pour donner des formations. Voici comment s’assemblent ces petits ordinateurs imprimés en 3D. Matériel requis : – Boitier à imprimer en 3D, 3 pièces principales (si vous les désirez, envoyez un mail à PC2) – 1 Raspberry Pi 2 – 1 Écran 7 pouces avec contrôleur – 4 vis M2 6mm – 10 vis M2 12mm – 4 vis M2 16mm     Assemblage :   1.Insérer l’écran dans son cadre                       2. Visser les clips sur le cadre de l’écran Il faut utiliser 6 vis de 12mm, avec 5 clips de 5mm et 1 clips de 2mm ATTENTION : Mettre le clips le plus fin au bon endroit !                         Les 5 clips de 5mm ont été placés, il reste le dernier, de 2mm, le plus petit.                           3. Fixer le boitier principal Il suffit de poser le boitier, en faisant passer le câble de […]
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Class in a Case : 3D Printing cases

Lately I started the design of the cases for Class in a Case and here are some pictures ! As I am writing the V1 is printing. I already made a V0, mostly for testing, but the V1 should be much closer to a final version. It is going to need some improvements of course, but it will be ready very soon ! If you want the files, here are the V1 in STL and Solidworks 2015 format. I wouldn’t recommend to use them as is because those are still beta, but if you want to bring more features, feel free to use them ! 3D Files The cases are made for Raspberry Pi version B, and this screen : 7 inch hdmi I will make an assembly and demo video as soon as the case are OK.   UPDATE : The white case was V0, but here is V1, which is fully working and just needs minor corrections :  
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Class in a Case got financed !

The project Class in a Case has been financed by the “FAIE”. We had been asking for 2120$ to be able to build a 10 PC classroom, and we received 2120$ ! Now we have to order the components and continue developing the project. I thought you could be interested in the bill of material for this project. It is all in french, sorry. If you really need a traduction, please send a comment.
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