Application is coming !

I have had some time to develop the application on Android as I still haven’t received the PCBs (it was the Chinese new year and I order everything in China so there is some delay at this time of the year). Here is what I have done : Read remote file from XML Connect to device (bluetooth) Send IR codes Left slider to switch between remotes Drag and drop view to customize your remote Notification when device is found                   The next big steps are : Save remote as XML Create a new remote Record IR codes Link device to a set of remote And some features for the future : Macros across multiple remote Download new remotes from online server Share your remote and so much more !
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Old Remote : 3D renders

Hey there ! Here are some renders for Old Remote project made in Solidworks. What do you think about it ? The circuit are not yet included in the render by the way.
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Old Remote – App Brainstorming (general)

Here is a quick brainstorming concerning the smartphone application for OldRemote project.
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Old Remote on mBed

Old remote project is using the mBed plateforme for the program in the electronic module. The program is published here and I will try to finish it and add comments ASAP. It has been written and tested on nRF51-DK so far, and I plan on using it with nRF51822 chip without external oscillator.
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