Part II : Make the camera wireless with ESP8266

  Let’s sum up what we have done so far : we ordered a pair of color tracking cameras we modified them into Infrared tracking cameras we updated their firmware to track Infrared and tested them we built a small case to give them a nice look There is one last modification we have to bring to the cameras, and that modification is a game changer : we are going to make them wireless ! Of course we won’t send the video, but the coordinates of the points the camera is tracking. In this article we are going to connect an ESP8266 Wifi shield to the CmuCam to send coordinates over Wifi. Here is what we are going to do, step by step. All you need to know for this part is how to program an Arduino (I have seen 8 years old doing it so…I’ll give you a link just in case).   The basics Connect NodeMCU to CmuCam Program theĀ ESP8266 The basics Here we’ll go through all you need to know to make it out of this tutorial alive. First if you don’t know what is Arduino, please read about it here : Arduino. We are not going […]
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