Class in a Case : 3D Printing cases

Lately I started the design of the cases for Class in a Case and here are some pictures ! As I am writing the V1 is printing. I already made a V0, mostly for testing, but the V1 should be much closer to a final version.

It is going to need some improvements of course, but it will be ready very soon !

If you want the files, here are the V1 in STL and Solidworks 2015 format. I wouldn’t recommend to use them as is because those are still beta, but if you want to bring more features, feel free to use them !

3D Files

The cases are made for Raspberry Pi version B, and this screen : 7 inch hdmi

I will make an assembly and demo video as soon as the case are OK.

Capture d’écran 2015-03-28 à 23.48.18





The white case was V0, but here is V1, which is fully working and just needs minor corrections :


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