Old Remote – App Brainstorming (general)

Here is a quick brainstorming concerning the smartphone application for OldRemote project.

Main features

  • Connect to OldRemote box
    • Enable bluetooth
    • Scan
    • Connect
    • Discover services


  • Record a new remote 
    • Create a remote
    • Place buttons
    • Record signal for each button
    • Save remote
    • Share remote


  • Download a remote from an online database
    • Connect to database
    • Download
    • Parse to new remote


  • Get notification when remotes are in range
    • Shortcut for the main functions of each remote in the notification bar


  • Create macros (a sequence of buttons to start a whole system, media center…)


    • Send Infrared signal
      • Select remote to use
      • Get button pressed
      • Send signal via Bluetooth


  • Swipe left right to change remote


Some thoughts

Each remote should be linked to the device MAC so users could use multiple OldRemote devices in different rooms.

The application must be able to handle multiple devices at the same time

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