Old Remote – App Brainstorming (XML)

The most practical way to handle different remotes would be using XML files for each remote. It makes it easy to make an online database, create your own remote, bring modifications…
Here are some ideas about the organisation of those XML files :

Data to save

  • Remote name
  • Remote manufacturer name
  • Remote ID
  • IR frequency
  • Button
    • ID
    • Name
    • Position
    • Image
    • IR Date

Main Functions

XML files handling functions :

  • List all remotes
  • Select remote
  • Delete remote
  • Edit Remote

Remote creating / editing functions :

  • Add button
  • Delete button
  • Record signal to button
  • Copy button
  • Place / Move button

Use remote functions :

  • Play IR
  • onButtonPressed
  • Load remote
  • Show remote

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