E.C.G Low Cost

The Low Cost ECG is, as its name says, a 10$ ECG with a screen to give the heartbeat and a jack connector to plug it in a PC and be able to get the curves !

E.C.G Low Cost is an initiative started by the humanitarian association Projet PC2. I am Vice President of what we would call “computer science missions”, and the E.C.G Low Cost is one of the project I am working on. Each  summer we travel to a village in a third world country to give computer science training in schools, but also training in hospital concerning medical equipment and prevention mainly. This is why we started building our own ECG.

The project is currently under development, and should be operational by summer 2015. We are using an Arduino for the signal treatment, a small LCD screen and some amplifiers, and that’s it ! It is running on two 9 volts batteries.

I would like to give all credit tobirdyberth” and its Instructables, which our circuit is mainly based on.

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